Monday, 24 October 2011

My Coast Reporter Election Bio

Garry Nohr is running for re-election as SCRD Director of Halfmoon Bay after spending the past six years as a representative keen on furthering the waste management and recycling program, economic development, trails expansion, and affordable housing.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Garry has lived full time on the Sunshine Coast for ten years. He has over twenty years experience as a high school administrator, maintaining substantial budgets in a school-based program. As Director, Garry has spent considerable time working on the PPA mining concern and met with several provincial ministers to further Sunshine Coast interests. He has supported the new sports field at Chatelech School and the upgrading of fields at Halfmoon Bay School and Connor Park. He has consistently upheld the mandate of the Regional District to look after waste management facilities and programs, recreational facilities, parks, trails, hospital, and water supply. These are the most important local issues for which the SCRD is responsible, and time must be put in to address these effectively in order to manage taxpayers’ funds.

Garry understands the SCRD sustainable budget process, and his experience is needed to assist the taxpayers of Halfmoon Bay. During his time in office, he has proven his commitment to initiatives that help ensure clean drinking water and protect the watershed. He will continue to work on management of the watershed throughout the next term. Although responsibility for most social issues is not a mandate of the SCRD, Garry still works for funding from or lobbying of other governments to assist. He has been involved in fund-raisers in the community to support social issues and has been a strong advocate for affordable housing. As a member of the local Rotary Club, he has participated in both local and international projects.

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