I am a retired high school administrator with experience in the Yukon, Alberta, and British Columbia. I was born in Vancouver and attended school there until I joined the navy. On leaving the navy, I became involved in hotel management until I completed university with a degree in Education. I later received a Master’s Degree in Administration.

I spent approximately 28 years in education, over 20 of them as an administrator. I served as president of a local teachers union and later as a local representative for the administrators association. As a representative, I worked on anti-bullying campaigns, stay-in-school initiatives for students, equal pay for equal work, woman’s rights, and professional development opportunities for staff.

In the Yukon, which has school-based administration, I was in charge of a $2,000,000 budget.

In each town I lived in, I was involved in activities that supported the community by coaching kids, promoting cultural programs, and helping in community service clubs.

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