Highlights 2006-11

VIP ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new SSC Tourist Center

As of November 2011, I have served two terms as Director of Halfmoon Bay and, additionally, one year, 2011, as Board Chair of the RD. For me, the highlights of my two terms in office have been:

  • Monitoring logging in the Chapman Creek Watershed
  • Working to establish an affordable housing society on the Sunshine Coast
  • Contributing to stopping the PPA mining dock at Wood Bay
  • Helping to initiate a study to improve many aspects of transportation on the Coast, including bussing, road enhancement, lighting, and intersection safety
  • Completion of the Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Working with citizens to further the OCP
  • Following through with monitoring IPPs in Salmon and Narrows Inlets
  • Collaborating with First Nations, both the Sechelt and Squamish Indian Bands
  • Opening the Tourist Information Center
  • Ongoing involvement with the APC and other community groups committed to the betterment of Halfmoon Bay

I will continue to work with consituents and listen to all sides of any issue. Contact me at: glnohr@dccnet.com

Sechelt Indian Band, celebrating 25 years of self-government